About Me

I'm a 23 year old blogger from the south west of the UK. 

I'm a tall gal who loved heeled boots, but my car broke and I can't afford a new one so I've resorted to wearing trainers, buses and heels don't work. Thanks to my boyfriend I do have a neat collection coming along. 

I love beauty, make-up, animals, hot chocolate, scarves, blankets, reading, and of course, blogging. I hate being too hot, being too cold, and I cannot stand wet things. Water on the bathroom floor, a dribble of drink, ew. 

I live with my boyfriend, and two guineapigs in our one bedroom flat. He collects trainers so you'll find some in every room, there's even a 'stand'. My guineapigs have separate houses because they hate each, ironic as the second was a friend for the first. That back fired. 

You can find me over here rambling away about all my thoughts and feelings. I love getting to know people so feel free to start a conversation!