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About Sophie

Hey there, I'm Sophie 

I'm a 23 year old girl, born in Bristol but living around the place. 

I've been obsessed with make-up since I was about 14, I spent Christmas eve awake until 4 am when I found myself lost in the world of Kandee Johnson make-up tutorials. I opened a pack of  make-up brushes and an eye palette the day after, and rest was history. 

I studied media make-up at college, that's where I met my best friend and I can say hand on heart, the best year of my life. I ended up meeting my boyfriend a few months after I finished.. 3 and a half years later, we're still here making each other laugh. 

I've had my battle, and fair share of losses with mental health, but haven't we all? I want to talk a lot more about that over here, because we say we're 'open, and understanding' about it, but we're not. 

So.. welcome to my space of the internet, where I share all my loves, and passions. I hope you enjoy. 
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