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Why 2018 was the best

Sunday, 30 December 2018

It's been a long time since I've written on here. I''ll be honest, I've been doing hours of over time, and I got a kindle, so that's how I spend my time at the moment!

I have plans to blog more, but we'll see.

I've been seeing everyone's 'New Year New Me' things which I think is great, if you want to better yourself, you do it! Ignore all the negative people, work on you.

It inspired me to think about 2018, and this has got to be the first year I can honestly say I've been happy. There's been a few downs along the way, a few negative to the positives but on the whole this year has been good for me.

There's one thing I have to mention, my little Alfie passed away on boxing day, I've chosen to not let that ruin my year, even though it broke my heart, I've had an amazing year / years with him, and I'm just grateful to have been able to rescue the little lad.

On to the positives, what happened this year? 

Visited London Solo

Reconnected with some amazing friends 

My close friends had babies 

It snowed?! 

I ran 5K

I moved house 

I moved to Bristol

Ibrahim moved to London (It's sad, and hard, but I'm happy for him)

Moved to a new & easier job for better money

Finally got a car

Moved back in with Tilly, ruth & Rhys

Grown my hair (finally)

Got a healthy relationship with food. 

As I said there's been some negatives, like leaving those amazing friends I made, I still see them but it's not everyday which is hard. On a whole this year was the first year I can say was great. I loved life, and I want to make sure 2019 in similar! 

I have bit plans for next years and I'm ready to tackle them! 

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