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MAC concealer - REVIEW

Monday, 3 December 2018

I used to think that when buying 'high end' make-up that would be it was just so much better than the cheaper stuff. 

I found out that wasn't true the hard way, and the pricier way. 

There is some truth to it, but also some products just aren't worth the price tag. If you buy a pair of £50 jeans and they break, you can simply return them, but make-up isn't the same. Make-up can sometimes come so close / even more (depends where you shop) than clothes. So, it kind of puts pressure on products to be perfect. 

I read so many reviews before buying something new now, unless it's like £1 scrub from Poundland... that's where I take my chances. 

So the price is £16.50 which personally I think Is way to steep for the quality. There I said it straight away, It was severely disappointing, and honestly thought I would get better from a brand like MAC. I do have very loose skin under my eyes which may be a contributing factor, but still I think this is really over priced. 

I think that the packaging also put me off of this. The first time I opened it the glass popped out and was stuck to the products it's self. It does this every-time I open it...I wouldn't expect that from a high street brand, so I certainly wouldn't from this. 

I don't mean for the review to come across as really negative but I honestly, cannot recommend this. 

So what was wrong with it? 

I found this creased so badly, like, abnormally badly. 5 minuets after applying my eyes looked dry, and all creased. It set really oddly, it separated under my eyes which was weird, however that could be the products I used a long side it. It doesn't do that to any of my other concealer but... you never know. 

On a positive note it's really good in regards to the shade range which MAC offers. 

Can you recommend me a decent concealer?? 
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