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Moroccan Oil - My thoughts?

Monday, 19 November 2018

My sister is hair dresser and she bought be a bottle of Moroccan Oil for my Christmas present a few years back, and it's honestly changed my hair so much. 

I used to have very thin hair, with layers, and they were frazzled! Over the last year or so I've got all my hair to one length, and it's so silky soft, I'm very proud. It's taken a lot of persistence but I am finally happy and confident with it. 

Having thin, and cr*ppy hair really affected my confidence, I was embarrassed and just didn't really feel nice, or happy. Obviously there is more to life that your hair, but it can be a big part of it. My hair has always been thin, but since taking care of it, it's really thickened up! 

Georgia bought me this in a mini bottle and I can't thank her enough for introducing this to me. I have bought a large bottle only a few months ago, and I can guarantee this will last me until the end of next year at least. 

So how do I use this? 
I don't use loads, I've made that mistake and my hair just goes greasy, it's not pleasant. I take one pump, a 20p size and apply this to the ends and the mid lengths after showering, so when your hair is wet. This acts like a heat protectant as well apparently, but it honestly has never made my hair feel so soft and healthy. I adore it! 

What the cost..
It's pricey. For a large bottle it's over £20, I guess for how long it lasts, and the quality of the product it's bloody amazing! It's the initial shelling out for it which sucks, but I will never stop using this again. I took a break because purely I couldn't afford another bottle, and my sister had to cut quite a lot of the ends of my hair... it was just so dead. 

I have to say that I really love this, and I couldn't recommend it enough. For a girl with thin, grease-prone hair this works so well. 
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