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Estee Lauder - DOUBLE WEAR // Review

Monday, 12 November 2018

You know when you find a product that you love so much, you just have to tell anyone that'll listen? Well this is the one for me. 

I've been on the hunt of the 'perfect' foundation for years, as I can guess every girl is! Well, I found it! A few years ago when I came across The Body Shop moisture foundation, but it was discontinued!!!! I was so sad, but it gave me the push to try new foundations again, which I am so glad about, because I found this dream. 

Let's talk consistency ... 
So, I used to like a thick foundation but as I am maturing I like the idea of something lighter, but that you can build up if you have a problem areas : a'hem my new acne covered chin. This really won me over when I opened the bottle because it's very watering, but once it's applied (I used a buffing brush, or beauty blender) it can be built up to be a very high coverage foundation. 

The packaging?
Right, this is a love and hate topic. So I love how luxurious the bottle looks, and it being glass is a winner for me, but god dammit why is there no pump? When I'm not using my big mirror I have to hold my smaller one, so pouring this on the back of my hand, whilst holding a mirror and trying to apply... it ain't easy! That's a negative for me, but it's not stopped by repurchasing.  

My thoughts on the price...
I've always used 'drugstore' foundations so they've not really been over £12, and those are pricier ones. So this one comes in at £33, or £23 if you buy it from an outlet store, sadly for me they never stock my share there! As I'm like no.1 on the scale of white-ness. I don't use this everyday due to it being fairly expensive to re-purchase however I love this, and I think it is 100% worth the price. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to base make-up so personally, I invest. 

But, does it last? 
Yes! This lasts all day, and doesn't budge. It feels like a mask on your face so you do know it is there, but it doesn't wear off from rain / wind / horrendous weather, so perfect for this time of year. I couldn't pick a better foundation, it doesn't make my face oily, dry or go all weird at patchy it's literally perfect for everyday use, or just when you have something special to go to. 

I couldn't recommend this more, it's on the expensive side but it is really, really worth the investment. 
4 comments on "Estee Lauder - DOUBLE WEAR // Review "
  1. I got this foundation a little while ago, and i loved it too apart from the shade was a little too orange for my skin :( i can only wear it when i fake tan!

    1. Oh no! I find when my hair is tied up I really need to blend it down my neck! x

  2. I still haven't had a need to try this foundation but I'm getting ever so much closer! I'm glad it lives up it its hype and you gave up on drug store foundation! :)

    S .x