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My October goals

Monday, 1 October 2018

Gosh it's that time already, which means... i'm 24 in one month. Oh yay. 

No jokes aside, I love this time of year, autumn is just the best isn't it? I love frosty mornings, crisp weather and best of all cosy blankets and hot chocolate! 

I've got a few exciting things happening this month, it's my aunts birthday and mine and Ibrahims' 4 year anniversary so I might have let the dairy slip for a piece of cake... it'll only be the once though. 

So what are my goals for the month? Lets see... 

Keep my aunts horses alive for a week

My aunt is going away on training with work for the week, so if you didn't already know I live with her, therefor it falls on me to feed the child, and make sure her horses are alive. That does not mean riding them... because that would go terribly wrong. 

I am excited to make dinner for myself again, it's lovely living here because she does sweet little things, like make me coffee, and dinner etc so having to adult for the week will be nice. 

Eat 0% dairy

Urgh, this is a crappy one. I am allergic to dairy, but this only came about when I was 19/20 so I love cheese, I just love it. Yes, I have tried the dairy free versions but they are not the same, because they just aren't cheese. It is fine, I can do it, I've done it before, however it sucks. 

I think for my body's sake I need to cut it out, for good.. bar the odd occasion. 

Finish Order of the Phoenix

I started this book a long time ago. I keep picking it up, and putting it back down but this month I really want to press on with it. I like the book, it's just I'm daunted by the size of it. 

I think when I go to bed I am going to make sure I do pick this up, because it's a god damn good book! Also I've seen the films up until this so I don't have a clue what happens, which makes it that much more exciting. 

Finally start the Kindle App 

I downloaded the Kindle App and have the unlimited pass free for 7 days, so I want to try it out and see if it is something I will like, because that will save me a lot of money buying it on there, and also I am running out of space when it comes to book storage! 

I do also want to use the library, but as of now, this would be a great option. I doubt we will have space for all these books when I eventually move to London. 

Continue blogging

The best part of moving in with my aunt is the whole aspect of me starting blogging again. I always felt too busy to do it before, god knows why I actually have less evening time being here, but god knows. 

I am so happy I launched myself back in to my blog, it gives me a purpose, and something to concentrate on, not to mention all those lovely gals who I left behind when I just logged out of Twitter and decided to do me. FYI by 'doing me' I feel like I lost myself. I just read loads of books, which is fine, but I think I'm a writer, as well as a reader. 

Thank you for stopping by, what are some of your goals this month? 
4 comments on "My October goals"
  1. I love this post, creating goals is so important to me, it keeps me motivated and on track. Goals shouldnt just be work based, in fact they should be mainly self care based, it helps me realise that it is important to focus on happiness and self improvement! X

    1. Yes! I totally agree, I feel like I'm drifting without a few goals :)