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Everyday accessory picks!

Thursday, 4 October 2018

I started blogging back in.... 2008, I've been off / on ever since. I'm now getting back in to it but I'm taking a little bit of a different approach. 

I used to blog my heart out on the subject of make-up. These days I don't try that much new stuff, so realistically I'm not as passionate as I once was. I've been in to buying little pieces of jewellery online lately so why not share them? I think this is more of a 'life style' blog, because I'm just sharing what comes in to my mind, waaaaay less pressure. 

Jewellery hasn't always been my thing but as of late I am loving it, I find it just makes an outfit look so much better. I've been buying rings, necklaces and lots of watches... I share a few of my favourites earlier on last week, the post is here if you fancy a read.

So what have I got to share? ....

The Pandora birth stone ring 

I got given this by Ibrahim for my 21st birthday, there's a long funny story behind it, I won't go in to it because it makes me sound like a bitch, but it was funny! I love wearing this literally everyday, it just makes your hands look beautiful, and it adds that extra nice bit of class to what ever you're wearing.

If Pandora can do that?

My gold 'I' engraved necklace 

This is cringe, I usually wear this so you can't see the 'I' it's just blank.. but I am sure you can guess why I have a  necklace with my partners initial on. I don't care how embarrassing it is, I miss him everyday and this makes me feel a tad closer to him. I'm used to seeing him everyday morning and night, now it's kind of once a month, so It's hard man.

This one is from WISH and it cost be just under £3!

The beautiful silver pendant 

This came from Accessorize in the January sales, the only time I can afford any pieces from there. I love it, it's so dainty and beautiful and it just is perfect for wearing everyday, or just to add some beauty to a simple outfit.

There isn't much more to say in all honestly, it's just one of those perfect pieces.

Finally THE Pink & gold watch 

I did mention this in my other post about this here. I love this watch, I wear this the most currently, it just goes really well with my pink coat, cardigan and all the other pale pink bits of clothing I have. I love how girly it looks, but it's still so sophisticated at the same time.

It doesn't feel like a 'younger persons' accessory, I could see anyone wearing it, it's one of those timeless pieces. I am so glad I picked this up!

Do you have any jewellery that you wear everyday? 

2 comments on "Everyday accessory picks! "
  1. The watch in these pictures is gorgeous! I love anything with a hint of marble in it! These are lovely accessories Sophie xx

    Lucy |