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There's nothing wrong with not loving yourself yet

Saturday, 14 July 2018

I find each social media has their own little niche/view on peoples appearance, their health and their overall view on how we 'should be'. 

Let me explain what I mean.

When I'm on Instagram I see post after post of people at the gym, pushing their bodies and trying to better themselves, whether that's for their appearance, their health, or mental health. There's a huge community of positive people just helping others and making you think how important your health is.

You want to live a long healthy life right? Instagram the place is for you.

It's not based on you looking like an 'Instagram model' it gets you away from that stereo type, it's more the idea of working on yourself, and being you. One girl I find so inspiring is Carys, she loves her huge muscular legs (as do I) she gets so much 'hate', but she spreads the message to love your self, and just be you.

If you jump over to Twitter there's a even bigger community of 'body positive' girls, which is great, there's so much support for people just being themselves, and loving your body as it. One person who is really inspiring is Grace we all know her, she just spreads a huge message that you don't need to be anyone but yourself,.

All of this is great, but it's hard when you don't fit in to either group. I mean I'm trying to better myself, but currently I feel shit in my body, I have excess fat which I don't want, but I saw Leah, from Devoted Pink say on Twitter that sometimes she doesn't feel confident in her body, and doesn't like feeling like that and my god, she got slammed. 

You're allowed to not feel comfortable in yourself. It's gone full circle, from larger girls being seen a 'undesirable' which is the media just being a ridiculous, to now you can't voice your opinions are not wanting to be over weight, or unhealthy which is stupid, because you are allowed to want to be bigger, smaller, healthier, taller, shorter.. all the rest!

It can be hard when you feel like everyone but you loves themselves, but trust me, it isn't just you. Loving yourself is a journey, it's a long one. Regardless of what you look like, I just try not to compare myself to anyone else, and stick to my own journey.

If you ever feel like you want to talk, but you don't fit in, feel free to pop me a message! 

Thanks for reading, 
Sophie x
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