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Saturday, 21 July 2018

I find it almost laughable how girls are STILL shamed for having casual sex, or one night stands, but guys are seen as lads, and applauded? 

It makes me so angry, it's so unfair, not all women value sex the same as each other. 

It's okay if you want to wait for the right person, if you want to wait until marriage, if you want to do porn, if you want one night stands every week, it's YOUR body, so YOUR choice and no-one has the right to judge you on what you do. 

I've been ill, so you know what happens, you end up watching TV shows you wouldn't normally. So I've been watching an old season of Love Island, and my god, girls are judgemental. 'That's slaggy to sleep with someone on the first date' alright, shut up Olivia. 

Miss GB lost her crown for having sex, sorry what year is this? ... That is a role model in my eyes. GirlS have urges as well as men, and why the hell can't they give in to them?

I honestly want a proper answer to this is someone can answer it. I think those pagant ass wipes should be shamed for that. How can you be like that in this day and age? Shall all us women just stay at home an cook? It's pathetic.

What do you think?

Women do enjoy having sex,I don't know why people can't grasp that. It doesn't matter how many people you have been with, it doesn't change you as a person so people shouldn't care about it so much. Just enjoy your life!!

Thanks for reading,
Sophie x
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