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Why I've decided to start a 'fitness journey'.

Monday, 4 June 2018

Why have I decided to change my life, after years of winging I'm fat? I want to be happy. 

Initially, this started because I was getting pretty fat. I was completely fed up, and was hating how i felt / looked. It's kind of turned in to a self love journey at the same time, but we'll get on to that in a bit. 

I just hated life.

I was officially 3 stone heavier than my 19th birthday. 4 years ago I was 9.8 stone!

I hit 11.8 just around May time, and it was the worst feeling ever. 

I've had a few body images issues in the past, i certainly didn't have healthy eating habits when I was 19, but nevertheless I saw how easy it was to put on quickly, without realising. 

In 6 months I'd put on nearly a stone .... I wasn't this heavy at Christmas!

I get so down when I don't feel confident in my body, safe to say, I felt trapped under all the fat. My boyfriend decided he's stop eating so much crap, which helped A LOT, so we kind of started this together, and we've done so well to get this far. 

I started my fitness journey on the 1st of May, I weight in at 11 stone 8lbs, I now weigh in KG's so I was 73.4 KG. I am happy to say, today i'm 69 KG (10 stone 8lbs) 

I've managed to shift a stone!!  I couldn't be happier!!

I've been one of those girls who's tried the tea's, the shrink wraps, and the majority of it is bullsh't. 

The only way to loose weight is to get up off your ass and do something about it. 

You have to make changes to your food, your lifestyle and the way you go about every day life. Indulge now and again, but don't make it a daily habit. Small changes to your life can have huge benefits. 

I've also shared over on my Instagram how I've finally come to learn you have to love yourself before anything else. 

I have so many things about me I hate but that's me! 

I am getting a boob job in the future, but I've always wanted that! However things I dislike, such as my nose, my chin, my lack of voluminous hair, that's just me! I don't care anymore, I might look dodgy at some angles without make-up, but that angle, that's still me, and I'm okay with that. 

I thought I'd share a few things I've learn in my first 4 weeks of this! 

1; Make a weekly meal plan, I thinks this is what's really helped me stay on track. I don't have to decide on what to eat that night, I won't nip to the shop because I'm out of food. 

I make my weekly plan on Saturday, and do the food shop Sunday. I have enough food for the week.

2; Push yourself, if you're feeling tired after work and you want to lay of the sofa and chill, YOU CAN DO THAT AFTER! Don't let yourself make excuses which aren't real reasons. 

3; Listen to your body, sometimes don't push yourself. I'm lying on the sofa, having not been to the gym this week, my period & a UTI have just destroyed me this week. But it's okay, there's always next week. 

4; Don't punish yourself, I've had some Alpro ice cream today because I feel like shit, but it's all about balance. I'm not going to be myself up, I'll just make sure I don't have any tomorrow. 

5; Everyday is a new start, this kind of relates to the above, but if you have a bad day, sleep it off and start tomorrow fresh ☺️

Those 5 things have really helped me stay on track, and keep this as a lifesstyle, but just turn in to one of those FAD diets. 

Thanks for reading, I hope enjoyed! x

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