Visiting London

May 05, 2018

I've been to London a few times, but this is the first time I've really 'experienced' it. 

So, my boyfriend was going to Old Street for work, he had a hotel for the night so I hopped on the train and joined! I get really nervous on the train but this time wasn't a bad. I brought my book with me and before I knew it we were pulling in to Paddington station. 

I met him after work, we went to Leicester square to his favourite restaurant, Steak and Co. It was lovely, and god damn the chips, and the peppercorn sauce? It was dreamy. We sat outside, beautiful plants surrounded the seating area, outside heaters, and the waitress was dressed like a air hostess.. a London thing? It was just amazing I think it's my favourite place to go. The view is amazing, and the setting is so relaxed, you don't rush your food, it's just perfect. Pricey though!!! 

Once we'd had dinner we ended up going to watch Rampage, at IMAX in 4D, and it was amazing!! We were thrown around in our seat, it was just the perfect film to see in 4D, all the action meant my seat basically didn't stay still. The whole situation was so intense I have no idea if the film was 'good' it certainly was funny.

Waking up on Wednesday was exciting, Ibby was going to work for 9, so I decided to leave the hotel at the same time, as I have a lot of places I wanted to visit! I walked around London on my own, for someone who's pretty socially anxious, I am so, soo proud of myself, I can pretty much do anything now yeah? I could have stayed in the hotel until 12 but I wanted to make the most of the my day. 

The one place I wanted to visit was Hyde Park, so that's where I set off to first. I decided to walk, rather the get the tube because I wanted to just 'experience' London. I did go on the tube, but mostly I walked around. 25,000 steps clocked that day.  

The route I took? 

I started off at Old Street, I walked from there to the River Thames, I wanted to make sure I got to see that! It's so beautiful, and I felt really deep in the city at that point. I had a little sit down, and pondered at the view, thinking I'd be okay with living here. I was actually looking for a coffee shop to get some breakfast, however the route I took...I came across none. The whole of London and I must have walked down all the wrong streets. 

I made my way to St James Park, I didn't use my phone maps at all, I used the 'You are here' maps which are dotted along the road every now and again. I was so proud of that, also I remember the street names, and what's where! Soo I got lost at St James' Park, I some how managed to go the wrong way and end up at Buckingham palace. I'm not a huge fan of the royal family, when I was there it's just like all the 'normal' people gasping at the rich, it's just sad and fucked up really. I swiftly left, but returned after taking the wrong turn. 

I FINALLY reached Hyde Park, and it was everything I had imaged. A huge, beautiful lake, lots and lots of grass.. I mean it's just a huge park, but it was so peaceful for somewhere in the heart of the city. I stopped off and had some lunch, my first meal of the day was at 11.45 ish - I had a bacon, brie and cranberry baguette, which the lovely lady toasted for me! Of course I had a long with that a hot chocolate. The cafe I sat in was just as the enter Hyde park, so the view was amazing. 

I went for a walk around the park, sat and read my book for half an hour then decided to set off back in to the bulk of it. I walked to Piccadilly. I went back Park Street, omg there's a reason it costs a bomb on Monopoly - there were bouncers at the restaurants... at lunch? Safe to say I didn't even want to see how much a coffee would have cost. At this point my back was aching because I'd brought my back pack with everything in. I wondered around a few shops and decided to have a browse in Waterstones, and harah! They had a cafe up stairs. It was perfect. I say there for about an hour, had a coffee and read my book. I was in my element. 

It doesn't sound like I did, or saw a lot but I did! I can't remember the names of all the places, but over all by the time I sat in Waterstones it was 4pm, I then made my way back to Paddington to meet Ibby, and to get the train home. Hand on my heart, I had the best day.

Me and Ibby are moving at some point this year, we're unsure where but 100% out of Swindon. I hate this place. We planned on Bristol, then he threw the idea of London out there. I freaked out, I was so scared, because all the other times I've visited, they've just been really stressful but after last week, I would do anything to move there!  

Thanks for reading! 
Love, Sophie x

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