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The BEST bun-less burger recipe

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

How good does this look?

I've been trying to lead a healthier life, that's cutting out the 'bad' carbs, if you want to call them that. I find that bread really bloats me out, so here's a great way to enjoy a tasty burger, without bloating! This is also great if you're on a lower calorie intake.

What you'll need ? 

Low fat burger
Edam cheese

Potatoes (for the chips) - optional

1. It's a pretty simple recipe, firstly you just need to slice the potatoes in the 'chip like' shapes, you could always make some chunky wedges if you like. Just ensure you wash them first, and leave the skins on for some extra texture. 

2. I pop them in the oven along with the burger for 20 minuets. I personally like to spray them both with a zero calorie cooking spray - keeps them from drying up. 

3. Whilst this is cooking, I prep the salad. You just need to slice up the lettuce, and a large tomato, I like this to be in to chunky pieces. I also ensure I have two slices of pickles, which is the perfect amount for the taste. 

4. Once the burger is done, assemble! This would be a lot easier If I had used a cocktail stick to hold all in place! I also pop the slice of cheese on top of the burger, so by the time I go to eat this it's all melted. 

5. I pop the chips in to a bowl and mix them in with some salt, pepper and vinegar.

6. Let's eat!

Thanks for reading, I hope enjoyed! x

P.S I've also created a little fitness account, to track my progress but if you want to see more tasty, but healthy food, pop over and have a scroll.

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