My First Time - Harry Potter

May 02, 2018

Can you believe I've gone 23 years without getting past the first page of a Harry Potter book? 

When I was younger my Dad loved Harry Potter, I remember when he bought the Order of the Phoenix, I believe he'd pre-ordered it and was so excited. He took us to see most of the films when we were little, I didn't dislike them... but I've never loved them. 

When we saw the Prisoner of Askaban I remember being proud of myself because I wasn't scared. Bless the 10 year old me. 

Since then I've not been a huge fan, I've tried to read them, my nan bought the book set and I've tried to give the Philosopher Stone a good try but I just couldn't get it to it. I think the main reason is I've seen the start of the film so many times, I just didn't want to keep reading. 

My friend at work, Jess, she loves the Harry Potter books. She's inspired me to give them another go. I decided to skip the first book and start on the Chamber of Secrets... best decision! Within a week I was on to the Prisoner of Askaban. Two weeks later, the Goblet of fire, and now I've just started the Order of the Phoenix. I'm really enjoying them, it's just such a dream world. The Yule Ball just sounds beautiful. 

I cannot remember any of the films after the Goblet of Fire, so it's nice to be reading something 'brand new' to me, it's definitely make me not want to put it down. 

I hate those people who winge on that the books are better than the film, but seriously, they 100% are. I'm watching the Philosopher Stone as I'm writing this, I just feel like there's a few bits in the book I don't understand, and so far, so good. I seem to be enjoying this film more than I ever have done.

** Update - I gave the rest of the films a shot, I didn't like them **

I just had to share how much I am loving the books at the moment, it's been ages since I've been passionate about something, but genuinely it's so moreish! I love how magical, and how much detail is in them, like how did JK think of all the names, created that whole world with her mind, it's magnificent. 

Are you a Harry Potter fan, if so what's your favourite book? 

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  1. Harry is named after my childhood friend Vicky Potter!!!! JK lived just around the corner from me until we were 6!!!

  2. Whatever you have to do to give it a go :) glad you're enjoying the books! They are definitely better than the films. My favourite one is The Prisoner of Azkaban, closely followed by the Order of Phoenix.

    1. Prisoner of Azkaban is currently my favourite too 😄