My Skincare

April 24, 2018

Skincare is my passion. I love make-up but skincare will always be my thing. A beautiful base brings a beautiful face. 

I've finally got my skincare routine down, my skin has never looked better.

I get the odd break out, that's usually / mainly when I've eaten nothing but rubbish that day, or when I'm on. Lately it's all going right though, I found my perfect foundation, and now my face just seems to not be such a problem, that it always has been.

Now, let's jump straight in to it! As that's what you came for. 

Every morning, and evening I will use my Vitamin E / Naturally radiant cleanser. I usually buy two for one in Superdrug, and been using the duo for years, I rotate between the two because they're both beautiful. The smell, and the consistency is gorgeous, I'm so glad the cleanser I found that woks for me is cheap as chips!

I have a few 'luxury' items, these I tend to use once, or twice a week (I don't want to overdue it) So firstly I love to use the L'Oreal glow clay mask, it's great to give your skin a nice scrub, and honestly it leaves my face feeling gorgeous. When I'm having a bath is the only time I use my face masks, it's just so relaxing - like being at a spa.

My friend Amy gave me the Body Shop Vitamin C capsules, firstly, them small amazing. They're a serum which leaves my face so smooth, and smelling like oranges! You could use this everyday but I like them so much I want them to last me.

So on the daily, I use these three products : Dr Botanical facial oil, Body Shop Vitamin E Eye cream and Origins Make a different plus moisturiser. I apply them all before bed, and when I wake up in the morning, three three combined just leave my skin feeling fabulous. 

I wanted try out a different layout to my posts, what do you think? 

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