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Living on a budget, my tips!

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

I'm currently saving as much pennies as I can, I'm planning for my future and there's lot of things I want to do! I'm moving house in the summer so I just want as much money behind me by then as I can, so here's some top tips for staying on budget. 


I do a monthly shop once I've been paid, I tend to write a meal plan for four weeks, so normally I buy my meat on a deal, 2 for 3, or 2 for £3 - you save money here. For example, sausages. I'll portion them up, so 3 or 4, and bag them up to go in to the freezer, the same for chicken etc. I find this really helps me stay on track, then the only extras I'll need to buy for food will be the fresh stuff. 

I opt for long life Koko milk, so I don't have a short time frame to drink it in, I also opt for frozen veg where possible, it just makes it a hell of a lot easier. Also, there's always a pack of pasta in the cupboard, just in case. 


When I make lunch for three or four days I find it stops me from being tempted to buy lunch at work, or out and about. I usually cook a batch up on Sunday, then again mid week. It's a pain when you forget, but you make it work. I got up half an hour earlier last Friday to cook my lunch, it's crap but when you think how much money you're saving, 100% worth it. 


On pay day I take out cash, I have two purses, my everyday one, then one with all the cards I don't use, but want to keep. Like, my national insurance card - I don't need that everyday! I portion out my money, leaving myself with cash for the week. This really helps to stop you from over spending, works a treat I also find it hard spending cash, because you see that money going, sometimes I find it best to leave my bank card at home, it's too temping. 


I have three of these, I am a sucker for Costa, or just any coffee on the go so I make sure I make my own at home! My Dad bought me a milk frothier for Christmas so I can make my own lattes and it honestly saves me so much. Rather than £3 for a coffee all I am really spending is money on milk, which for KOKO milk is like £1.50 and I can make at least four large lattes with that. I hardly every have to buy coffee, I don't really use much, but by far it saves me pennies. 

It honestly adds up, three coffees a week can cost you up to £10, save that... £40 a month for your savings, or a new pair shoes? Coffee or shoes? I'd rather the shoes! 

I also have stopped buying new clothes, or make-up only when necessary, I've got in the back of my mind how I can literally buy a new wardrobe when I've saved enough, at it will be amazing! 
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  1. You have done so well over the last 6 months- well done am very proud of you xx