How I keep my hair healthy

April 18, 2018

I have put my hair through hell over the years, one night I stripped it, bleached it... changed my mind then went black... oh, then bleached the ends again. What the hell was I doing? 

Over the last year or so I've dedicated myself to stop damaging my hair, and doing the best I can to ensure it grows, along with thickening up!

It gets me down quite a lot, it's just so thin, and I have a large face... it just looked so stupid. I've noticed since bleaching, my hair has become so much thinner. Don't get me wrong, I've never had thick hair, but since December I've stayed away from hair dye and the progress was unreal.

I've always been quite creative with hair colours, and styles etc but as I'm reaching my mid-twenties I want to make sure my hair lasts as long me.

So what tricks have I been doing?

I used the straighten my hair all the time, and curl it. I do adore the look of curls but I've stopped all that. I've opted for minimal heat.The only heat I use is the hair dryer, but I try not to when I can. I find it's best to wash my hair at night, leave it dry naturally and tie it up in a bun at night. This stops it's breaking while I sleep, and leaves me with a cute curled look! Plus, it gives that little boost of volumes without loads of products. 

Sometimes your hair just needs a little pick me up. A hair mask is perfect for this! I use shampoo and conditioner every time I wash my hair, but then at least once a week, sometimes twice, I slap on a hydrating, moisturising mask. - I usually do this when I have a bath on a Saturday morning. 

Currently I'm using a Tresemme one, I love the Herbal Essences version but I can't seem to find it anywhere anymore? Aussie are also a fab brand for this. 

This is one of things which really contributed to the health of my hair!

I thought this was all just a ploy to buy 'different' hair bands, but no, plastic hair bands are the way forward. These babies work.I decided to try the spring plastic hair bands when I heard they can stop the kinks in your hair, well, just to let you know the ones in Primark do not do this. I use them to make my bun, those curls are real. 

I have stopped with the rubber ones, and these appear to have not broke my hair. My baby hair is growing strong, and I rarely have those random short hairs near my roots. 

When girls tell me they wash their hair once, or twice a week it makes me cringe, and also sigh in envy. I don't know if it's a thin hair thing, but that ain't possible? After 24 hours the grease appears, I need to try and not wash it everyday

I've tried to wash my hair every other day and it's do-able but I need dry shampoo, I can't seem to get further than the next morning without a spot of oil in my hair. By lunch it just looks gross. 

I pick up the Morrisons own dry shampoo, smells like summer and it's only £1.50 - very good buy! I use this on the second day, and pop my hair in to a bun. I love these mornings, so easy... and extra sleep. 

My hair hasn't really started growing since the last year or so. I started getting it cut regularly! I was terrible with this before, I just let it grow. but it grew thin. It was mostly split ends. 

I decided one night I'd cut my hair myself again - it was so soft. After a while I got my sister to cut it, she's a hair dresser, and she can cut it straight. 

Honestly, it's never felt so soft like it does after a trim. I only have a tiny bit off because I do want to grow it. 

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

I hope this helped anyone who wants to bring some health back to their hair! I also recommend staying from bleach, and only dying when necessary. Love your natural hair. 

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Love, Sophie 

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