Dear diary #2 - Stela's baba shower

April 28, 2018

This is my third baby shower I've been too in the last year, It seems to be the year for popping out babies.

I went to my friend Stela's baby shower last Saturday, and I had a ball! It's crazy, this last year I can feel myself growing up, and my life changing. Everyone around me is moving forward with their lives, either buying house, having babies, travelling or making huge changes to their lives, I'm so excited for them all.

On Saturday we had such a lovely afternoon, I helped get some games together and we just had such a lovely afternoon. There was coffee, tea, scones and lots of yummy cakes! It was so nice to relax with a group of amazing people, and lucky enough, the sun was shining too. 

I am just so excited for her to have her baby, I think Stela will be such an amazing mum, I can't wait to meet her little baba. I got her a changing bag, I thought it was practical, matched her pram, and it was just something she's going to need. She was showered in cute little clothes, and the shoes, oh my god, how cute are tiny baby shoes?!

Our friend Liarna just had her little girl and she is beautiful! I couldn't believe how tiny she was!!!

Since they both became pregnant they have been so honest, as they realised no-one tells you the truth about pregnancy. I've learnt a lot, and safe to say, I'll wait until I really, really want a baby.

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