Dear Diary #1 - My Future

April 22, 2018

I'm moving back to Bristol at some point this year, I cannot bloody wait. 

We moved here for my boyfriends job, but he's nearly qualified so who knows what will happen after that. I've been in Swindon for three years, and guess what? I still hate it here. 

I know not everywhere is amazing, and it's what you make of it but I've never felt so down, and 'depressed' in my life. It's sucky here. There's no culture, it's full of old people who turn their nose up at the sight of tattoos, god forbid you bring up the topic of young people, and 'partying'. It's just not my kind of place. 

The only good thing is the outlet, 50% off Nike. Yay. - Honestly I need more than that to keep me here. 

We've started making plans for the end of the year, which is so exciting, I am ready for my next adventure! I have definitely lost a bit of myself here, I can't wait to be back to the fun, bubbly Sophie I was before this down killed me. The only positive, I've made some amazing friends, and paid of my credit card.

One of my friends gave birth to her little baba on 16th, Hadley, she's gorgeous. My other friend is due at the end of May. Those as some memories I'll never forget of Swindon. 

I have so many things planed for the future, such as blogging! Swindon sucked the life from me, along with my passion for blogging, I'm not letting these last three years be a total waste, so I am back on my blog, and back for good! I've written to many posts in the last fews days, it's so much fun. I've missed this so, sooo much. 

This week Ibby has been away in London, I've been quite bored, but I've read Harry Potter (post coming soon) I've got lots of blogging and planning done, and I've been hitting the gym everyday! I've just found a new lease of life!

I'm ready for next week, because I'm going to boss that too. Don't ask me Monday morning, but once we hit Tuesday I'm sure I'll be feeling just as positive. 

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