The Fitness Chronicles - Month #1

March 10, 2018

Fitness is something I've been passionate about for ages, but due my eating habits (you can read that here) I feel like I've been held back, but no more. I've taken control of myself and it's put me in a fabulous mind set. 

I started my fitness journey about 12 days ago, so it's something which is new in my life and so far I am loving it! 

I've been really inspired to document this on my blog after reading Megan's post HERE. She's really helped give me that push I needed to take control, and damn working out helps the mind! 

"Investing in yourself, is investing in your future" 
one of my favourite sayings


My gym routine is pretty straight forward, at the moment I'm concentrating on getting in to a routine, and becoming more confident in the workouts I do. I want to change my workouts up every 8 weeks, I've heard your body get used to workouts, true / false? 

In a few months I'll go in to more details when I know what I'm taking about! 

Currently I've been doing strength training x 3/4 a week, cardio x 1 and some flexibility training x 1. 

I will look in to doing classes so this will change up a little, and of course every week I'n not be able to stick to this to a T but as I said, I want to get in to the routine of incorporating cardio, strength and flexibility in to my life. 

I feel like they are all important. I want to brave it and go to a spin class, but I want to have a bit more muscle and stamina behind me before I thrown myself in to that. 

I'm also getting use to feeling sore, but powering back to the gym to train another part of my body. 


In clothes my body is not the worst, people at work ask why I go to the gym because I'm already 'skinny'. I hate it when they say that, I dress well for my ever growing shape, if they could see me naked they would not be saying that. 

I am lucky in that I have always cared about my body / health so my weight have never been a problem for my health, but currently for my mind, I ain't loving it. 

I have two areas I hate, and one I want to improve on. 

I hate my arms and my belly. They just have so much unneeded fat, so that's an area I want to build muscle on, to help improve and strengthen it. I know you can't spot reduce fat, so I just want to improve as much as I can at the gym, and the diet will do the rest. 

My bum. I love my bum, I've always had a nice bottom but I've not taken care of it. My thighs and bum have a new friend, cellulite. I just want to tone and build muscle. I love when girls have huge quads and a perky bum. I don't want to look like a skinny girl, I want to look and be strong. 

FYI nothing unfeminine about it.


I have made the decision not the weigh myself, each month when I post my Fit Chronicles I will post a update photo over on my Instagram so I can see what changes have occurred. I don't care how much I weigh, I just want to feel confident in my body. I'm hoping to post these around the 1st of each month.

Nutrition. I want to make sure I am eating the right food. I'm not cutting things out but I am currently leading a healthy lifestyle and making healthy choices. I've been meal prepping my lunches, so there's been a lot of mince and veggie pasta dishes, a long with Splenda over sugar.

One goal I hope to smash by the end of March, is to go to the gym in a cropped top, or sports bra. I hate my mid drift, and I need to start showing it some love.

I'm getting my bonus and my over time, (yesss gal!) at the end of March, so I'm going to treat myself.

I really want to invest in the Ultimate Full Body Guide. It's created by one of my favourite people, she has also really inspired me and her body. I'd die for pins like that. I want to buy the full set, the home guide, along with 1 & 2. It's a reasonable price, but for me it's an investment. 

Oh, I have another goal? 

It's more for my blog, I want to recap each month if I've managed to hit my goals. 

I've felt so inspired writing this post, I can't wait to share more next month.

If there's anyone who really inspires you fitness wise on Instagram, please drop me their names below, I don't care about their followers etc just their content. ☺️

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