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My first time with Morphe

Saturday, 17 March 2018

I told you there would be a Morphe palette soon. This isn't even the biggest one, it is the prettiest though.

So I was instantly was drawn to this when I opened the lid, the shades are beautiful, they're all shimmery and perfect for me.Very girly. I've been looking to try out a few more colours, and more exciting looks with my make-up so this was a great one to have a go with.

I love how this can turn a natural day look in to a beautiful, dramatic 'out-out' kinda make-up look. So drastic.

I am not a huge fan of shimmer shades in the crease, something I've only just realised. With the shape of my eyes it just doesn't suit. These are absolutely beautiful on the middle of your eye lid. I couldnt' recommend them more. They draw the light in, and really make you eyes 'Pop' and brighten them too.

I've swatched so you could see the quality, it's outstanding. I can't believe how affordable, but amazing Morphe palettes are. It's perfect if you're getting in to make-up and you want to try out a range of shades, I feel like I'm constantly browsing their website... I actually am.

I love the peachy shades, and also the purple and read colours. I'm learning so much about my colour preferences whilst experimenting more with make-up. I really love the oranges and reds. I'd really recommend this palette for special occasions, or if you just want to appear to have made some extra effort.

Thanks for reading!

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