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Is taking a social media break necessary?

Saturday, 7 April 2018

I've been inactive on social media for over a week now, I feel refreshed and really inspired! 

I've not been scrolling through Instagram, liking anything on Facebook or tweeting at all. It was kind of semi-planned but mostly I wanted a week off of life, I just wanted to relax when I got home from work (which has been stressful), and I wanted to loose myself in book, rather than compare myself to everyone out there. 

A while a go I decided to follow loads of fitness girls on Instagram, the purpose was the feel inspired and learn some new food, and maybe some new moves in the gym, but instead of them inspiring me it just got me down, and made me feel a bit shit. Rather than dwelling on that, I took steps to get out of that mood. 

I've also been really down lately due to just things in life, and it was just the perfect time to take a little break, at the start of the year I managed to find a balance to life and social media but lately that's not been going well. 

So did it work? 

Hell yeah! 

I've spent the last week coming home from work, reading books, chatting for hours with my boyfriend, watching films, catching up on our favourite Netflix series. I feel weirdly, stress free? 

Normally I have a bath like twice  a week? When I do I scroll through Twitter, but I always seem to be in a rush but no more, I bring my book in to the tub and it's heaven. I just love it. 

I haven't been blogging in a long time, but I want to throw myself back in to it, I really do miss  it however with that, comes a lot of social media. I've found that since this little break I've been less active, I've still had a browse, but it has 100% taken a back seat. I want to make an effort to speak to people, and stay active, but i won't be on it 24/7, there's way more to life. I managed to make it to the fourth Harry Potter book, instead of reading social media 'drama' - much more fun. 
2 comments on "Is taking a social media break necessary? "
  1. I really relate to this post. I find Facebook is the real killer for me because it's so easy to compare yourself to the people you went to school/university with and see where they are in their lives but it's important to remember that we all do our own things at our own pace 😊

    1. Yes, I agree so much! I'm looking to go back to school, so it's hard when you see people getting engaged, or popping out kids and you're no where near! I feel pressured to hurry up, but I just need to slow down :)