Shimmering with The Body Shop

February 17, 2018

I'm back with some more make-up! Expect lots more in the next few weeks, I've just thrown myself back in, and I'm loving it. 

Literally, every palette is from Amy - who is the best person ever and gave me some bits she didn't use anymore. So, I've not just been on a shopping spree. If only. Actually, Ibby got me gift card for Primark, so I am actually (fingers crossed, if Amy's free) going there shopping today and I have a list of things I want. 

On to the make-up. 

Since I decided I wanted to stop using products / brands that tested on animals The Body Shop was the first place I went. It was the only brand I really knew of, apart from Urban Decay but I couldn't really afford to splash out on at the time. In my mind The Body Shop is just my favourite brand, I relate it to my 'first' bit of make-up I bought. Sentimental right? 

Anywhooo! This palette is called ' Grooving Gold' .. what a name. All three shades have gold undertones, you've got the dark purple, yellow, light purple/brown and a rose gold shade. They are all beautiful. In the look above I used a different palette for the crease but packed the rose gold shade in the middle of my lid, along with gold in the corner and I love it. 

It's so shimmery, and reminds me of summer. 

These are so pigmented, they went all out on quality. I find (with the cheap eye shadows I use) that the shimmery shades can be a bit powdery, and they barely appear on your brush, let alone your eye lid, but not this. Pigment galore! 

I've checked on their website and they don't stock this anymore, which is shit. It's such a beautiful palette, hopefully towards summer they'll bring out something similar. 

I'm going to a wedding in 3 weeks and this is definitely going to be worn. I want a rose gold kinda vibe. 

I hate saying I'm 'new' to make-up, technically I'm a training make-up artist, but it's been years since I did it properly and I have very little products, For example, I don't have an eye primer! 
Let me know your recommendations, I really need one. The shades I used stayed on pretty well through out the day without primer. Towards about 6pm they started the crease, but I did apply at 6:30 so it's pretty good. 

This year I do want to try some more eye shadows from the body shop, I believe you can make a palette, which is 100% something I want to do. 

Be prepared to see a hella load of Morphe palettes coming soon ha! 

Sophie x

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    1. They are! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog 💜

  2. Such a great post. I love the body shop too
    Ashton xx

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like it 😊