My first time at the gym, misconceptions and the reality.

January 09, 2018

I took that January pledge to better myself, it's a great time because everyone else is really motivated! There's so many transformation photos on Instagram, it helps me stay on track! Reminding me what I want out of life, to hit the gym but make it more of a regular thing!

Loose about two stone is my goal, along with some intense toning and building muscle, I just want to do the best I can without setting a time limit, I will make the gym to be part of my daily life,  resulting is a healthier, and fitter Sophie.

I would rather this be a slow process, so I can learn and grow too. 

I see a lot of girls who are in to weight lifting and I want to do it, I love how they sculpt their bodies to what they want, and they're just so strong! I'm not going to wonder over to the dumbbells on my first visit, I know myself. I am starting off on the treadmill, then I'll venture to the bikes, then the mats. After that I will hit up the weight machines, and then on to the free weights. I know if I push myself too hard, mentally and physically... I'll fail.

Hopefully Ibby can give me a midnight gym session to show me the ropes. He's a lil gym bunny. 

Something else that pushes me in that I see how unhealthy some of my family are, and I don't want to be like that. I want to be jumping around when I'm 50, take my gran-kids / dogs on long walks and enjoy it. I'm already a 'sickly' person, so I'm hoping this might help too. I do want to see a change in my body, but purely just toning up, and fitting back in my old jeans, and being body confident to start with!

This won't be a 'diet' because I've tried them all, and they've not worked for me. I'll be adapting a healthy eating lifestyle, which I want to keep for life. 

So what happened when I hit the gym?? 

What I expected 
Scary beef filled, intimidating men 

Yes, they are there but they're working on themselves. They don't care about you, plus once you get in to your workout you forget about everyone else. 

What I expected 
Full of judgy people because I look fat, and like a newbie. 

No-one cares man, they're just there for them. I'm not judgy but I saw myself just in awe at the fitness people everywhere. 

What I expected 
Mad air con, so freezing cold 

5 Mins in to my workout I was sweaty as hell, the air con was man but It definitely needs to be! 

What I expected 
am packed, and having to awkwardly wait for gym equipment 

The gym I go to is in the centre of town so it is really busy. I didn't have to wait for a machine but there isn't much space to 'work out' it's a very machine based gym, which is fine but any floor work work outs might just have to be done at home. I might switch gyms but I'm not sure yet.

How was your first time at the gym? 

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  1. Well done for going! My gym is luckily really quiet but the air con isn't so great so in the summer it's slightly painful haha!

    1. Thank you! I'm sick at the moment which sucks so I can't go, but I can't wait to get back at it. I can't imagine going without the air con, so sweaty! :)