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My favourite pieces of jewellery

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

I have never written about jewellery before. I don't wear it very often but towards the end of last year I treated myself to some bits, there aren't expensive but I wanted to get some dainty pieces that I'll wear all the time. Guess what? It worked!

I've never been huge on jewellery, purely because I just forget to put it on. I love the look of small jewellery, it is just so pretty and add that little something to your outfit.

So let's talk through it : 

I was shopping with my friend Amy just before Christmas and I spotted this Top Shop Scorpio necklace, it was half price and came to around £5. I've wanted to Anna Saccone-Joly version for years, but it's around £60 so it's a lot for someone who doesn't wear a lot of jewellery. I bought this straight away so I couldn't change my mind. I love it. 

I love how dainty it is, and the gems embedded are gorgeous. I wear this necklace the most, even thought I'm not HUGE on star signs, I love the idea behind them. 

I bought a Accessorise Silver gem necklace on Boxing day, of course in the sales. Me and my sister nipped to a few shops before I went back home and I picked this one up for around £6. I used to love accessorise for the sales back when I would younger, and they do some beautiful pieces for reasonable prices. 

I saw this I couldn't not, it's just so pretty! I hope 2018 is the year I actually fill up my jewellery box. My Nan is huge on rings so she got all her granddaughters a three tier jewellery box.. so I've got a lot of space for future purchases! 

I bought about three packs of earrings from Primark in November, they were £2.50 - £3.50 per pack, and they held about 10 pairs per little packet. I didn't like every single earring and I've kept a lot more than these three but these are the ones I wear the most. 

I bought the Blue gems and pearl studs and rest of the pack of these I gave away, I didn't like any of the others, but I got one pair of studs for £2.50 which is pretty damn good. I love these because they are more 'statement' I know they're still tiny, but for me they're out of my comfort zone. I love, love wearing these when I've curled my hair, they're just so pretty. 

I love the Silver gems and pearl studs ones too, they're just a bit more subtle than the blue ones. I do wear this most of the time, until I remember to change them. These just look so classy! People have asked me at work where they're from, and fully shocked when I say Primark. I don't think they look that expensive, but someone said they looked like Pandora, so you can't really go wrong. 

Hoops. I've never been someone who wore hoops, it's just never called to me. Since seeing lots of people I follow on social media wearing them, I thought I'd love them a try. These Rose Gold hoops aren't tiny, or huge so they're pretty perfect! 

The set I bought have silver, gold and rose gold. These are by far my favourites, and a great way to get in to the hoops. I always pop them in for date night. 

Ibby bought my Pandora Ring for me for my 21st birthday, I showed him the ring I really liked, which FYI... wasn't this one. A few weeks ago he said that it was ugly and why I wanted it. Finally I blurted out I didn't want this one, and I've never 'loved it' however because of the sentiment, the fact he thought I loved it, and that I wear it everyday, it's just part of me now. He also got me the plain stone because he knew I wouldn't like my birth stone, it's just sweet. 

I have learnt to love this ring, but I think this year I do want to treat myself to a ring, I am obsessed! I don't really like Pandora, it just seems like quite a common brand, I want to get a ring like THIS one, but from somewhere else. 

I used to have a beautiful ring from my Nan, it was for my 21st birthday, it was silver and had a pearl in but I've lost it. It's been a year now and I still cannot find it anywhere. That broke my heart. My nan gave me this Blue heart ring for my 22nd birthday, I love it but not quite as much as the old one. I never had a jewellery box so it's pretty much gone now. Future jewellery will be save in the big box I have now! I love this ring, but I also love that it's from my Nan, it's sentimental. 

Ibby was a sweetheart and got me my Radley Watch Radley Watch for our 2nd Valentines day. He loves spoiling people. My birthday was a month after we'd been together and he bought me a very expensive charm watch, I was shocked! I didn't even expect anything. 

I wore this everyday until the battery ran out, which is something I need to get fixed but keep forgetting. I love that he picked this watch for me, because it's so me. I love small, dainty jewellery and this is exactly what this is. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! 

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