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Make-up bits to try / use up this year.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

I'm back with a beauty post! I am bringing this back to my blog. I wanted to concentrate on more 'important' things on here, like mental health, lifestyle posts etc... but we can have fun right? 

I used to have a strong passion for make-up, I studied it at college and I'm a trained make-up artist, but in the last year or so I'm just not that in to it. I'm not confident, all the skills I had - I'm out of practice. I need to re-learn a lot of stuff.  

When I was about 20 I'd buy new bits every week to try, it was so exciting! I was also the same with hair care, and skincare. I have let myself go a lot, I don't wear make-up much anymore, I rarely 'do' my hair, and my fitness is at level 0. 

I've got back in to fitness, I'm so sore today from a killer leg day yesterday! I have started making more effort, and taking care of my hair, and I want that love for make-up back. I had such a passion, it make me so happy to talk about, so I'm getting back on it. 

I can't buy stuff in the mountains like I used to, I have bills etc now. A few new bits every month won't hurt. A nice treat to myself. 

Just a disclaimer, I do not buy things that are testing on animals. The bits below were Christmas gifts that I want to try out and share for those of you who do still buy from these brands. I have told meyfriends and family that I don't use these type of brands anymore, so by next Christmas my blog should be a place of 100% cruelty free.  

My dad bought me the M&S beauty advent calendar for my birthday, it's a few weeks before December, which worked out well. I got lots of lovely bits in there, it was great to try a bunch of new things I'd never reach for myself.  I've read lots of reviews on Filorga Time Fillerand it's meant to be really good. 

I'm only 23 but I am all for anti-ageing products, there's not harm in starting young to help your skin stay youthful! I can't wait to give this a try, so I'll let you know how I get on.  

My friend Amy got me Benefit Brow Gel for Christmas, I'm in to my brow gels at the moment, and I've got blonde eye brows so on the days when I don't want to 'define' them, it's nice to just brush a gel through. I  haven't tried this one yet, but once it's used up I can't wait to give a cruelty free on ago. 

I love Max Factor False Lash Effect, I've use it before and I have the waterproof one in my drawer for sad occasions, or happy occasions? It's great on a night out too! I can highly recommend this mascara, it coats all your lashes, lengthens and thickens. It'll be hard to find a good replacement for this. I have hooded eye so eye liner doesn't always suit me, I have to really make sure it's spot on. I want to master this again, Max Factor High Precision Liquid Liner is something I'm excited to try. I used to be so good at it, but now a-days I'm not. That's a little new years resolution, master liner! 

I've had Max Factor 05 Nude since the start of December, and I've still not used it!! I want to give this a good go, because it looks like a shade I would wear everyday. Might be one to keep in my drawer at work. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I love chatting about make-up!! 
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