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Two hair oils that changed my life.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

I've been letting my hair go for the last few months, I bleached it back white blonde, and I love it. The only downside it how horrible it feels after you wash it. It's just disgusting, its dry, knotty yet stringy? Honestly, I kind of just gave up. 

I used to swear by Aussie leave in conditioner but that just didn't cut it anymore. Years of bad dying had taken it tool on my locks. I was thinking when my roots come through I would go a bit darker again, just so it felt less shit, but thankfully these two products restored my faith in my hair! 

My birthday was the 17th of November so and my dad bought me the M&S beauty advent calendar and I love it. I have got to try so many things I wouldn't usually reach for, and experience brands I've never heard of! 

Let's get in to it. 

I've seen NUXE - Huile Prodigieuse at a glance, but I've never really looked at the products, or browsed their section.. I kind of wish I hadn't waited this long! I've only ever seen the bottle of body shimmer? It looks like 100% gold glitter, scary. I really like this as the oil is multi purpose, I've used it on my face and my hair, but personally for me, it works a lot better on my hair. I got a spot when I put it on my face. 

I have been using this after my shower, but before drying my hair. I pour a little bit on to my fore fingers and pull it through the ends. On the first day I tried this instantly I felt the different. It helped restore the moisture to my hair, and it felt amazing. So, sooo smooth. 

Josh Wood - Radiant shine new to me. I've not heard of Josh Wood, but I am not too hot on hair products! I'm more of a skin care kinda girl, but I want to change that. 

Radiant shine is an oil which you put on your hair, pre shampoo. Alien to me, but really interesting! I tied my hair up, and coated the ends in the oil. This just soaked in while I washed the rest of myself, and then I did the whole shampoo situation. 

This one is the same again, I could feel the difference whilst shampoo-ing! I don't think I could go without using a hair oil anymore. 

Do you have a go to products which you wear by? 

2 comments on "Two hair oils that changed my life. "
  1. Both sound fab! I haven't used hair oils in so long - I need to get back into them! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x