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Rodial super acid rush peel | First impressions

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

My Dad and Kate bought me a huge beauty advent calendar for my birthday, it's in the shape of a Christmas tree and it's probably one of the presents I was most excited about, more so because I had to wait to open it! 

When I opened the second day I was surprised by the little bottle. First thing I read was 'acid' and I was a bit like nooo. I'm the kind of girl who can't even do a 'cooling' face mask without going bright red, my skin is just ridiculous. I did some research in to it before I smothered this all over my face, and there's some really positive reviews out there. When I realised it would help clean my black heads, well I had to try it. 

I can't give a full review because I've used it once, and this is just my first impressions, but I only have good things to say. 

I ran myself a bath on Sunday night, I decided it was going to be a pamper and shave kinda' night. I washed my hair and left a conditioning mask in, I cleansed my face and was all ready to give this a go. I don't normally read the 'How to's' on the back, but I did. You basically massage this in, and wait 15 minuets to wash it off.

It didn't tingle at all, which usually everything does, so that was a relief to start with, 15 minuets later I washed it off in my now purple bath water, due to the purple shampoo. It looked pretty though. My skin felt amazing. It felt to fresh and soft, I'm seriously impressed with this!

It sucks that the full size products is around the £50 mark, that's just not affordable for me, but if it's in your price range I'd highly recommend.

I hope you're week going well, and you push through the next part of the week.



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