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Estee Lauder - DOUBLE WEAR // Review

Monday, 12 November 2018

You know when you find a product that you love so much, you just have to tell anyone that'll listen? Well this is the one for me. 

I've been on the hunt of the 'perfect' foundation for years, as I can guess every girl is! Well, I found it! A few years ago when I came across The Body Shop moisture foundation, but it was discontinued!!!! I was so sad, but it gave me the push to try new foundations again, which I am so glad about, because I found this dream. 

Let's talk consistency ... 
So, I used to like a thick foundation but as I am maturing I like the idea of something lighter, but that you can build up if you have a problem areas : a'hem my new acne covered chin. This really won me over when I opened the bottle because it's very watering, but once it's applied (I used a buffing brush, or beauty blender) it can be built up to be a very high coverage foundation. 

The packaging?
Right, this is a love and hate topic. So I love how luxurious the bottle looks, and it being glass is a winner for me, but god dammit why is there no pump? When I'm not using my big mirror I have to hold my smaller one, so pouring this on the back of my hand, whilst holding a mirror and trying to apply... it ain't easy! That's a negative for me, but it's not stopped by repurchasing.  

My thoughts on the price...
I've always used 'drugstore' foundations so they've not really been over £12, and those are pricier ones. So this one comes in at £33, or £23 if you buy it from an outlet store, sadly for me they never stock my share there! As I'm like no.1 on the scale of white-ness. I don't use this everyday due to it being fairly expensive to re-purchase however I love this, and I think it is 100% worth the price. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to base make-up so personally, I invest. 

But, does it last? 
Yes! This lasts all day, and doesn't budge. It feels like a mask on your face so you do know it is there, but it doesn't wear off from rain / wind / horrendous weather, so perfect for this time of year. I couldn't pick a better foundation, it doesn't make my face oily, dry or go all weird at patchy it's literally perfect for everyday use, or just when you have something special to go to. 

I couldn't recommend this more, it's on the expensive side but it is really, really worth the investment. 

Autumn/ winter > Summer (every-time)

Sunday, 21 October 2018

There is no competition, autumn and winter are my favourite seasons. I am not fan of feeling sweaty in my own home, I love being cosy. 

I'm not bashing the hot weather, but it is really not for me. It can be weirdly hard to explain to someone why you love the weather that means you wake up in the dark, and go to sleep in the dark, but there's just a beauty to it. It sounds silly but there's a sense of comfort when you love coming home, to a really 'homey' home? I hope that makes some kind of sense, the comfort of candles burning, slipper socks? Ooooh it needs to hurry up.

The weather is obviously the main part of the season, being hit by the gale winds, the rain.. but best of all the sunset in the evening, and the leaves that cover the world. I have to admit I love running from my car to work, trying to escape the rain, wrapping up in my huge coat, and woolly scarf whilst I de-ice my car... or watch Ruth food the ponies. I'm so excited, I'm looking forward to it soo much. Sadly It's been very hot today!

I love all autumn activities.

I really enjoy the crisp walks you can go on, Tilly extremely enjoys running through the leaves, and chasing the squirrels, lucky for them she's isn't the best Terrier around. Oh and going to coffee shops and watching the world go by from inside, or bringing your layers and enjoying the breeze outside. 

It's just lovely to feel so snug, yet be outdoors. It's just the best to be honest. We can't forget the holidays which come with Autumn - and Winter! 

Halloween - 
I don't usually do anything for this, but I'm going to this year! I'm planning to carvea pumkin with my sister Wednesday, I am going to get two small ones for my room!  I've already started on the scary films. I'm open to ideas of what else I can do?

Bonfire night - 
I think I love this day more than Christmas. I just love the idea of going to a bonfire, watching the fire works, wrapped up, having a cuddle outside with a hot chocolate. This year I will do it, this is the year of fulfilling dreams. 

Christmas - 
I mean, come on... how can you not love the seasons of food and fun! 

Thank you for reading! 

Whats your favourite season, and why?

Are there any Halloween traditions you'd recommend? 

My 5 new rules to a healthier life

Monday, 8 October 2018

Okay, they're more 'routines' than rules, but I assume you can catch my drift. 

Happy Monday loves, I hope today isn't too hard. I've obtained a teenager for the week of which I need to feed and keep alive. Wish me luck. Just kidding, he's actually making dinner tonight for us, sooo I'm mean top baby sitter here? 

I was thinking over the weekend about having some routines to follow each day / week, It's nice to have some sort of goals to hit. As it's the 1st of October, what better time to try and better myself! 

So here we go! 

Drink 4 bottles of water a day 
I have a 500ml water bottle, so that's 2 litres a least a day which should be pretty easy because I do drink quite a lot. Since being home sick I have been slacking so I want to make sure everyday I have four bottles, I can easily drink three at work so that just leaves one when I get home. 

Track my fitness progress
I'm not on some kind of hard core fitness routine / journey, I have done that before, but I find that I put too much pressure on myself, and always end up failing. So I am just making the effort to eat healthy, nutritionally and listen to my body. 

I'm thinking of the future of my body, I don't want to wade in to those fad diets, those 'popular' body types, I just want to make sure my body is healthy and fit to get me through life! Which means keeping an eye on what my body is doing / changing. 

I am dairy intolerant and recently had a bit of a scare, I used to eat dairy and just hope for the best I cannot do that anymore. So I'm also kind of learning a new diet at the same time.  

Walk for 30 minuets everyday 
As I said above, I want to lead a healthy lifestyle. I know currently my body is weak, I do not feel strong, I do not feel healthy but I know that I'm getting there. I'm thinking a head to when I have a child, like right now, I'm sure I would not make it through a pregnancy so every little helps right? 

I want to make sure I walk for 30 minuets everyday, just some light exercise but making sure I get moving everyday. Either I'll go on a walk at lunch time or walk Tilly when I get home, I just want to make sure I'm always on the go! 

Workout twice a week 
I said I want to start walking everyday, but I also want to start working out. It's something I've always enjoyed and I want to get right back in to it! It's a lot harder now I don't have my own home, I have to lunge around the lounge in front of everyone, but I will make it work. 

I want to feel strong again, so you just wait til you see my quads poppin' on Instagram! 

Do what I love everyday
This is more for my mental fitness. I work in an office, it isn't the most enjoyable, you're dealing with customers who of course, know nothing are always right! It's silly but since starting back on my blog last week I always feel a huge relief, and purpose again. I look forward to coming home not just to lie in bed, but to share my thoughts, connect with all the lovely ladies and gents on Twitter. 

I kind of lost sight on myself over the last year or so, I gave up all my hobbies, and didn't have much direction but no more, I feel refreshed and happy finally! 

Thank you for reading, now let's see if I can manage to practice all the above. 

Everyday accessory picks!

Thursday, 4 October 2018

I started blogging back in.... 2008, I've been off / on ever since. I'm now getting back in to it but I'm taking a little bit of a different approach. 

I used to blog my heart out on the subject of make-up. These days I don't try that much new stuff, so realistically I'm not as passionate as I once was. I've been in to buying little pieces of jewellery online lately so why not share them? I think this is more of a 'life style' blog, because I'm just sharing what comes in to my mind, waaaaay less pressure. 

Jewellery hasn't always been my thing but as of late I am loving it, I find it just makes an outfit look so much better. I've been buying rings, necklaces and lots of watches... I share a few of my favourites earlier on last week, the post is here if you fancy a read.

So what have I got to share? ....

The Pandora birth stone ring 

I got given this by Ibrahim for my 21st birthday, there's a long funny story behind it, I won't go in to it because it makes me sound like a bitch, but it was funny! I love wearing this literally everyday, it just makes your hands look beautiful, and it adds that extra nice bit of class to what ever you're wearing.

If Pandora can do that?

My gold 'I' engraved necklace 

This is cringe, I usually wear this so you can't see the 'I' it's just blank.. but I am sure you can guess why I have a  necklace with my partners initial on. I don't care how embarrassing it is, I miss him everyday and this makes me feel a tad closer to him. I'm used to seeing him everyday morning and night, now it's kind of once a month, so It's hard man.

This one is from WISH and it cost be just under £3!

The beautiful silver pendant 

This came from Accessorize in the January sales, the only time I can afford any pieces from there. I love it, it's so dainty and beautiful and it just is perfect for wearing everyday, or just to add some beauty to a simple outfit.

There isn't much more to say in all honestly, it's just one of those perfect pieces.

Finally THE Pink & gold watch 

I did mention this in my other post about this here. I love this watch, I wear this the most currently, it just goes really well with my pink coat, cardigan and all the other pale pink bits of clothing I have. I love how girly it looks, but it's still so sophisticated at the same time.

It doesn't feel like a 'younger persons' accessory, I could see anyone wearing it, it's one of those timeless pieces. I am so glad I picked this up!

Do you have any jewellery that you wear everyday? 

My October goals

Monday, 1 October 2018

Gosh it's that time already, which means... i'm 24 in one month. Oh yay. 

No jokes aside, I love this time of year, autumn is just the best isn't it? I love frosty mornings, crisp weather and best of all cosy blankets and hot chocolate! 

I've got a few exciting things happening this month, it's my aunts birthday and mine and Ibrahims' 4 year anniversary so I might have let the dairy slip for a piece of cake... it'll only be the once though. 

So what are my goals for the month? Lets see... 

Keep my aunts horses alive for a week

My aunt is going away on training with work for the week, so if you didn't already know I live with her, therefor it falls on me to feed the child, and make sure her horses are alive. That does not mean riding them... because that would go terribly wrong. 

I am excited to make dinner for myself again, it's lovely living here because she does sweet little things, like make me coffee, and dinner etc so having to adult for the week will be nice. 

Eat 0% dairy

Urgh, this is a crappy one. I am allergic to dairy, but this only came about when I was 19/20 so I love cheese, I just love it. Yes, I have tried the dairy free versions but they are not the same, because they just aren't cheese. It is fine, I can do it, I've done it before, however it sucks. 

I think for my body's sake I need to cut it out, for good.. bar the odd occasion. 

Finish Order of the Phoenix

I started this book a long time ago. I keep picking it up, and putting it back down but this month I really want to press on with it. I like the book, it's just I'm daunted by the size of it. 

I think when I go to bed I am going to make sure I do pick this up, because it's a god damn good book! Also I've seen the films up until this so I don't have a clue what happens, which makes it that much more exciting. 

Finally start the Kindle App 

I downloaded the Kindle App and have the unlimited pass free for 7 days, so I want to try it out and see if it is something I will like, because that will save me a lot of money buying it on there, and also I am running out of space when it comes to book storage! 

I do also want to use the library, but as of now, this would be a great option. I doubt we will have space for all these books when I eventually move to London. 

Continue blogging

The best part of moving in with my aunt is the whole aspect of me starting blogging again. I always felt too busy to do it before, god knows why I actually have less evening time being here, but god knows. 

I am so happy I launched myself back in to my blog, it gives me a purpose, and something to concentrate on, not to mention all those lovely gals who I left behind when I just logged out of Twitter and decided to do me. FYI by 'doing me' I feel like I lost myself. I just read loads of books, which is fine, but I think I'm a writer, as well as a reader. 

Thank you for stopping by, what are some of your goals this month? 

I'm in a long distance relationship

Friday, 28 September 2018

I never thought I would be in a long distance relationship, just to throw that out there. Definitely not after I met Ibby. 

We moved in pretty much a few months after we met and we haven't really been apart since, two holidays and a few weeks of him in London but that's the most it's been. So now we live 128 miles away and it's harder than I thought it would be. It was weird initially as we made a plans a good few months before we parted, but that was actually the hardest part, being together but knowing we'd be apart really soon. I just felt sad all the time.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those girls that can't live without a man, but.. he's my best friend I miss him quite a lot.

I never thought I'd be spending our 4 year anniversary sat in my room, without him. 5 days after he will be here and I'm sure we will have the best time, like we always do.. it's just a big change in both our lives.

When we lived together we hardly ever text each other, apart from about picking the shopping up... because we'd normally be back home in 5 minuets, so now it's strange, it's like when you meet someone for the first time and you really think how the message them. It's weird that it all feels so new. 

I wanted to share what helped me since we parted, it's so strange it is kind of similar to breaking up - as you aren't together everyday, you don't share your life with them (as much). On the other hand you have start using your phone more, and actually messaging each other?!

I think one thing that really helps is making sure you talk to each other everyday, not necessarily a phone call, but just tell each other what you have been up to, however your days is going etc. It's nice because you still feel close even though you're miles away.

So far I've only been doing this for a month, and this evening I'm seeing him for the first time since he left to follow his dreams of working in London, being the best accountant ever! (biased) I expect I will you will be reading a lot about long distant relationships from me, but I bloody hope it gets easier.

Have a lovely weekend!