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What I'm up to in 2019

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

I like writing down my goals, and plans - so let's see what I have in store for 2019.

#GOAL : Get back in to fitness

Since moved back to Bristol I haven't made time to work out, and the gyms here are so expensive! No more £15 p/m Kiss gym! I've decided that I'm starting the UFBG guide which I bough last year, I'm keeping track via a little fitness Instagram account I made, it's more for myself, but feel free to connect with me, I love following other people for inspiration and motivation. @soph_xofit 

I plan to do the guide as it says, everyday and also I'm joining slimming world. It's more for my Nan, but I'm excited to learn new recipes etc. 

#PLAN : Move to London 

The plan is for me to move to London, where me and Ibrahim can move back in together again. I hate living so far apart, however I'm kind of glad we did this, as I've had the chance to miss him and I'll never take us living together for granted ever again. 

I'm scared of moving AGAIN, also trying to make new friends will be hard, but as many people have told me, I could have the best time of my life, but I won't know if I don't try. 

#PLAN : Start University 

This I am so excited for, I've always wanted to go to university but when I failed my A Levels at 19 I thought it was too late, I'd wanted kids by 25 so what's the point. Oh Sophie, how silly you were. 

I don't want rigid life plans to hold me back from really enjoying life anymore! You need to take each day as it comes. I want to follow me dreams, better myself, and finally have a chance at not spending my life living for payday. 

I'm so excited for starting Uni towards the middle end of the year! 

That's all I have planned so far, but I'm sure lots more things will happen, I'm just really excited for what's to come. 

Why 2018 was the best

Sunday, 30 December 2018

It's been a long time since I've written on here. I''ll be honest, I've been doing hours of over time, and I got a kindle, so that's how I spend my time at the moment!

I have plans to blog more, but we'll see.

I've been seeing everyone's 'New Year New Me' things which I think is great, if you want to better yourself, you do it! Ignore all the negative people, work on you.

It inspired me to think about 2018, and this has got to be the first year I can honestly say I've been happy. There's been a few downs along the way, a few negative to the positives but on the whole this year has been good for me.

There's one thing I have to mention, my little Alfie passed away on boxing day, I've chosen to not let that ruin my year, even though it broke my heart, I've had an amazing year / years with him, and I'm just grateful to have been able to rescue the little lad.

On to the positives, what happened this year? 

Visited London Solo

Reconnected with some amazing friends 

My close friends had babies 

It snowed?! 

I ran 5K

I moved house 

I moved to Bristol

Ibrahim moved to London (It's sad, and hard, but I'm happy for him)

Moved to a new & easier job for better money

Finally got a car

Moved back in with Tilly, ruth & Rhys

Grown my hair (finally)

Got a healthy relationship with food. 

As I said there's been some negatives, like leaving those amazing friends I made, I still see them but it's not everyday which is hard. On a whole this year was the first year I can say was great. I loved life, and I want to make sure 2019 in similar! 

I have bit plans for next years and I'm ready to tackle them! 

5 Reasons dry shampoo rocks!

Monday, 26 November 2018

I wish I'd learnt about dry shampoo years before I did. I found out about this stuff when I was 17! All those teenage years with greasy hair could have been vanished. 

There are so many brands you can buy out there, but honestly, my favourite is this TESCO own brand. Superdrug's own is terrible, Batiste is amazing, but for the price TESCO pretty much does the same. I always try and have 3 bottles as back up, because as of late I've really relied on this.

So why do I love this? 

1. Saves lots of time in the AM

I used to wash my hair every morning, if I didn't then it would be greasy, even washing the night before didn't work, where my hair is so fine it just really doesn't cope well. Rather than washing my it every morning I use the dry shampoo, you just spray it in your roots, and brush it out ... farewell unwanted oils.

I can then tie my hair up and it's out the way, but looks clean and fresh. 

I find it saves me so much time, when I wake up, I just have to clean my teeth, have a quick shower, put my brows and mascara on, get dressed and I'm off. So that takes me about 20 minuets. I'm not bogged down with drying my hair, then getting all hot from that. It just makes early mornings a lot more manageable. 

2. It gives your volume and smells nice?!

As a girl with thin, fine hair volume is basically non-existence. I can back brush the hell out of it but then it's always bumpy, never even... it just looks really 'done' rather the natural hair look I like.

Spritz a bit of dry shampoo and it gives your roots the texture and volume you're looking for. 

3. Lets your hair rest between washes

I think this is one of the best benefits of dry shampoo. When I was washing my hair everyday it would start to get greasy in the evening, which is the worst thing. By washing my hair every 2-3 days it means that my hair doesn't get as oily as quick so it really boosts my moods too! 

4. Great if you are a gym bunny.

When I went to the gym after work everyday this was my saviour. For boys it is easy, have a quick shower and go home, for girl... it's long. I use to wash my hair every other day and dry shampoo it on the others.

On the odd occasion where I got really sweaty then I would wash my hair sooner than planned, but a lot of the time this sufficed.

5. Pick me up during the night 

I watched my friend Amy do this before, she would use this to 'pruice' up her hair. So mid-dinner you can nip to the loos, or if you're off on a 'night out' you can use this to just give your hair some volume back. 

It makes you feel so much better. There's nothing worse than making lots of effort, then you happen to catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror or window and it's all gone flat. 

Moroccan Oil - My thoughts?

Monday, 19 November 2018

My sister is hair dresser and she bought be a bottle of Moroccan Oil for my Christmas present a few years back, and it's honestly changed my hair so much. 

I used to have very thin hair, with layers, and they were frazzled! Over the last year or so I've got all my hair to one length, and it's so silky soft, I'm very proud. It's taken a lot of persistence but I am finally happy and confident with it. 

Having thin, and cr*ppy hair really affected my confidence, I was embarrassed and just didn't really feel nice, or happy. Obviously there is more to life that your hair, but it can be a big part of it. My hair has always been thin, but since taking care of it, it's really thickened up! 

Georgia bought me this in a mini bottle and I can't thank her enough for introducing this to me. I have bought a large bottle only a few months ago, and I can guarantee this will last me until the end of next year at least. 

So how do I use this? 
I don't use loads, I've made that mistake and my hair just goes greasy, it's not pleasant. I take one pump, a 20p size and apply this to the ends and the mid lengths after showering, so when your hair is wet. This acts like a heat protectant as well apparently, but it honestly has never made my hair feel so soft and healthy. I adore it! 

What the cost..
It's pricey. For a large bottle it's over £20, I guess for how long it lasts, and the quality of the product it's bloody amazing! It's the initial shelling out for it which sucks, but I will never stop using this again. I took a break because purely I couldn't afford another bottle, and my sister had to cut quite a lot of the ends of my hair... it was just so dead. 

I have to say that I really love this, and I couldn't recommend it enough. For a girl with thin, grease-prone hair this works so well. 

Estee Lauder - DOUBLE WEAR // Review

Monday, 12 November 2018

You know when you find a product that you love so much, you just have to tell anyone that'll listen? Well this is the one for me. 

I've been on the hunt of the 'perfect' foundation for years, as I can guess every girl is! Well, I found it! A few years ago when I came across The Body Shop moisture foundation, but it was discontinued!!!! I was so sad, but it gave me the push to try new foundations again, which I am so glad about, because I found this dream. 

Let's talk consistency ... 
So, I used to like a thick foundation but as I am maturing I like the idea of something lighter, but that you can build up if you have a problem areas : a'hem my new acne covered chin. This really won me over when I opened the bottle because it's very watering, but once it's applied (I used a buffing brush, or beauty blender) it can be built up to be a very high coverage foundation. 

The packaging?
Right, this is a love and hate topic. So I love how luxurious the bottle looks, and it being glass is a winner for me, but god dammit why is there no pump? When I'm not using my big mirror I have to hold my smaller one, so pouring this on the back of my hand, whilst holding a mirror and trying to apply... it ain't easy! That's a negative for me, but it's not stopped by repurchasing.  

My thoughts on the price...
I've always used 'drugstore' foundations so they've not really been over £12, and those are pricier ones. So this one comes in at £33, or £23 if you buy it from an outlet store, sadly for me they never stock my share there! As I'm like no.1 on the scale of white-ness. I don't use this everyday due to it being fairly expensive to re-purchase however I love this, and I think it is 100% worth the price. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to base make-up so personally, I invest. 

But, does it last? 
Yes! This lasts all day, and doesn't budge. It feels like a mask on your face so you do know it is there, but it doesn't wear off from rain / wind / horrendous weather, so perfect for this time of year. I couldn't pick a better foundation, it doesn't make my face oily, dry or go all weird at patchy it's literally perfect for everyday use, or just when you have something special to go to. 

I couldn't recommend this more, it's on the expensive side but it is really, really worth the investment. 

Autumn/ winter > Summer (every-time)

Sunday, 21 October 2018

There is no competition, autumn and winter are my favourite seasons. I am not fan of feeling sweaty in my own home, I love being cosy. 

I'm not bashing the hot weather, but it is really not for me. It can be weirdly hard to explain to someone why you love the weather that means you wake up in the dark, and go to sleep in the dark, but there's just a beauty to it. It sounds silly but there's a sense of comfort when you love coming home, to a really 'homey' home? I hope that makes some kind of sense, the comfort of candles burning, slipper socks? Ooooh it needs to hurry up.

The weather is obviously the main part of the season, being hit by the gale winds, the rain.. but best of all the sunset in the evening, and the leaves that cover the world. I have to admit I love running from my car to work, trying to escape the rain, wrapping up in my huge coat, and woolly scarf whilst I de-ice my car... or watch Ruth food the ponies. I'm so excited, I'm looking forward to it soo much. Sadly It's been very hot today!

I love all autumn activities.

I really enjoy the crisp walks you can go on, Tilly extremely enjoys running through the leaves, and chasing the squirrels, lucky for them she's isn't the best Terrier around. Oh and going to coffee shops and watching the world go by from inside, or bringing your layers and enjoying the breeze outside. 

It's just lovely to feel so snug, yet be outdoors. It's just the best to be honest. We can't forget the holidays which come with Autumn - and Winter! 

Halloween - 
I don't usually do anything for this, but I'm going to this year! I'm planning to carvea pumkin with my sister Wednesday, I am going to get two small ones for my room!  I've already started on the scary films. I'm open to ideas of what else I can do?

Bonfire night - 
I think I love this day more than Christmas. I just love the idea of going to a bonfire, watching the fire works, wrapped up, having a cuddle outside with a hot chocolate. This year I will do it, this is the year of fulfilling dreams. 

Christmas - 
I mean, come on... how can you not love the seasons of food and fun! 

Thank you for reading! 

Whats your favourite season, and why?

Are there any Halloween traditions you'd recommend?